Alexandria Noël

Obscurité Patch

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Hand-pulled screenprinted back patch featuring my "Obscurité" illustration.

The illustration features a human skull that sits within victorian filigree and heavy velvet drapes that hang from the edges. Two bats hang from the drapery ropes, touching on the idea of weighted scales. From behind the skull and filigree there are two femur bones with the runes Eihwaz and Sowulo carved into each one.

The inspiration of the artwork comes from the darkness that surrounds us all and will to be strong and graceful to overcome it. The darkness can be equally as beautiful as the light.

These patches are printed on 100% cotton black fabric with white ink.

Patch size measures approximately 12"x12" inches. The graphic itself measures approximately 9"x10".

Machine wash cold.

Each patch is created and printed by hand. They are all a little different and unique to each other.