alexandria noelAlexandria Noël is an illustrator and designer specializing in dark and intricate drawings of flora and fauna. Residing in the misty coastlines and dense forests of New England, she is constantly inspired by the juxtapositions found in nature—beauty and serenity intertwined with wild discord—combined with themes of mythology, metaphysical energies, and personal growth. Her work is described as being vivid, shamanic, and dark.

Alexandria Noël is a one-woman powerhouse, personally responsible for every stage of her artwork and online store. She creates and releases all items by hand and with love.

Alexandria Noël is available for collaborations, commissions, and gallery shows.

You can find her on FacebookInstagram and Etsy.

For more information, please feel free to contact Alexandria Noël. She loves getting to know her fans and customers that continue to support her work.