Alexandria Noël

The Ghost of Yule Greeting Card

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This is for a single holiday card, 5"x7" in size with an envelope. Blank inside.

The card features my original illustration, "The Ghost of Yule", with the greeting "Season's Greetings".

This spirit is wandering the winter landscape with classic symbols of Christmastime and Yule. The holly wreath on the skull represents the wheel of the year, goodwill, and joyfulness. Holly is a masculine element that is symbolic for the Holly King, representing hope, while the mistletoe growing around the reindeer antler is a female element correlating to the Winter Solstice. The candles are a symbol of light and warmth and are believed to lure back the sun. The bells hanging from the staff and antler are rung to chase away the dark days and bring upon warmer, brighter days after the solstice.